Football History History of Football in England Variations of football have been played in the United Kingdom for hundreds of years yet the game has developed over time to become the game that is played today. The varied history of the sport has helped to make it Continue Reading Training and Nutrition Warming-Up for a Football Match Players are advised to complete a warm-up routine before they play a full football match or before they take part in any intensive training exercise. Warming-up properly can help to reduce the risk of common football injuries because warming-up prepares Continue Reading Training and Nutrition What are the Most Common Football Injuries? Although football is essentially a non-contact sport, it is still possible to pick up injuries whilst playing the game. Research has shown that there are around 20 injuries per 1000 hours of football played. Injury rates in adolescents are roughly 8 Continue Reading Football Making a Claim for a Football Injury Although football is supposed to be a fun, non-contact sport, injuries can happen. Most of the time these injuries are caused by unavoidable accidents, but injuries can occur because of negligent behaviour. Those footballers who have been injured by negligent Continue Reading